Colette Moneta Here I Come!!

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! 

I just made a Colette Moneta out of this beautiful Ponte that I purchased on 

I will leave a link below to this buttery floral fabric that has the most beautiful floral print.

I have never tried this pattern but have heard about the amazing Moneta party last month on Instagram where hundreds of sewist made a version of the Moneta and posted on Instagram using the hashtag #monetaparty. I am so sad that I missed this opportunity but I still used this hashtag to look up everyone’s amazing Monetas when I was researching this pattern. If you are thinking of trying this pattern I would suggest to do the same because there are so many variations and possibilities which allows so much flexibility with different tastes and options! 

This pattern is a simple make, however it calls for knit fabric  and I only worked a bit with knits. 

The pattern comes in lovely packaging with easy to follow instructions included in the booklet. 

I traced my pattern because I didn’t want to cut into it and ruin it but this is of course an optional step. 

The over all construction of the dress is super easy and beginner friendly. 

I ended up installing a neck band just because I saw a few Monetas on Instagram with neckbands and was really attracted to the look and feel that it gave the bodice. I attached the neckband and used a double needle to finish. 

The double needle definitely takes some getting used to but I think that it is a great technique that I am determined to improve upon.

My stitches were a bit off in some parts of the neck band but overall I was satisfied with the outcome. 

Now to the skirt. 
This pattern has pockets people! And they are super easy to install by matchin up the notches on the pattern.

The pattern also has a shirred skirt which is accomplished by using 1/4 inch clear elastic. I had read online that some people have had issues with working with this type of elastic saying that it is slippery and difficult to sew with. 

My fabric store did not actually have clear elastic so I opted for swimwear elastic instead.

This worked completely fine so if you don’t want to use the clear elastic I would buy this instead. 

I attached the bodice to the skirt after gathering the skirt with this elastic. 

After using my double needle again to hem the skirt, I was done! 

So quick and easy and so beautiful! 

Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful day!!

Floral Ponte from
Colette Moneta Patten


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