Colette Moneta with Puffy Sleeves 

So in my last post I took the Moneta sleeves and pumped them up a bit by expanding the height and width of the sleeve pattern.

I was really happy with the way the sleeves turned out and was extremely eager to start on the skirt!

I started working on the pockets and decided that with the extra bulk of using a Liverpool knit instead of a jersey or even a ponte, I would use a more sheetr and lightweight fabric for the pockets so that they would ideally lay flat and not put extra bulk on the sides of my dress and me.

I decided to use some rayon scrap fabric that I had laying around from a previous project. 

The problem however, was that the rayon was brown and I didn’t think about it showing on the sides of my dress before I attached them. Unfortunately even after understitching the pocket to the seam allowance you could still see the brown pockets from the outside of the skirt and this bothered me so much that I ended up removing the pockets all together.

I then got started with gathering the skirt and I used the same method of gathering as I did with my first Moneta using 1/4 inch swimsuit elastic. 

I measured out my elastic using the waistline of my bodice as a guide while adding a couple of inches to the ends.

I then basted the elastic on while stretching it around the bodice. 

I attached the skirt to the bodice and got lazy and took pictures of my new pretty dress instead of hemming it.

 That will get done sometime soon…

Thank you everyone and have a beautiful day!

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Colette Moneta Pattern
Liverpool Knit from


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