Sewcialist Thoughts and Plans

My Sewing decision making angst is growing and growing. I don’t know if any of you experience this but I am having a serious overload of thoughts, decisions and ideas about what I want to sew next, why I haven’t gotten very far on the projects that I want to sew and which fabric should I purchase next to complete all of these projects!

When I started sewing in January, I had not yet enveloped myself in the sewing world, I had not yet discovered all of the wonderful hashtags that I can look up at anytime in Instagram to gather inspiration and ideas on the projects that I was working on. I simply went to my local Joanne’s and bought my pattern and fabric, went home and worked on that project and that project alone. I did not know then about all of the wonderful knits that I could get at La Finch Fabrics and the beautiful double brushed poly that I could get at Sly Fox Fabrics. I didn’t even know what DBP was back then.

This was when I saw this sewing thing as just a hobby to fill my free time, but now it has turned into a blog and a passion that I want more and more of. Sewing has helped me tremendously with my anxiety that I have struggled with most of my life and has given me the confidence and ability to accept and embrace my mistakes and to see these mistakes and pitfalls as wonderful opportunities to grow, learn and get better at this thing that I love so much.

Additionally, the online sewing community is truly the most supportive and uplifting group of people that I have ever come in contact with online. Instead of hating on each other, there is encouragement and positivity and it has been incredible meeting and sharing with my online #sewcialist friends!

Here is what I want to sew in the next couple of months if possible. I will leave all of the links to these amazing lovelies down below.

Belldone Dress by Deer and Doe: This pattern is everything I want in a dress! The construction is perfect and that back, wow!

Tilly and The Buttons Agnes Top: The version with the gathering on the sleeves makes my heart stop every time I see it. Yowza!

Colette Rue: I love the overly feminine shape to this dress, I want to make this in a light blue seersucker with blue piping.  I absolutely love those beautiful pleats!

Sew Over It Susie Blouse: I actually have already bought this PDF but I am waiting to find the perfect fabric with the perfect drape. I’m thinking Swiss dot cotton with a contrasting collar?

Hoya Blouse by Deer and Doe: This blouse is perfection in everyway and I so want this kind of perfection in my life.

I could really go on and on but, you know at some point I have to start on these projects and where do I even begin?…

Does anyone feel my pain? LOL

Have a beautiful day!

Deer and Doe Belldone Dress

Tilly And The Buttons Agnes Top

Colette Patterns Rue

Sew Over It Susie Blouse

Deer and Doe Hoya Blouse


19 thoughts on “Sewcialist Thoughts and Plans

  1. crusicroom says:

    I completely understand the sewing thought process overload! I have decided to start writing all my ideas in a notebook hoping it will stop my head from spinning. I just can’t wait to have all the beautiful things in my wardrobe! Sewing is just so exciting!

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  2. liz-o-matic says:

    I hear you sister!! I’ve lately fallen into the trap of spending a mad weekend starting 5 different projects…. months later I have 4 unfinished projects in various states of completeness and if I’m very lucky one actual finished garment :-/

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  3. sewnorfolk says:

    I’ve just bought some fun yellow fabric (sale, hurray!) that I had no idea what to make with it. Now I’ve read your list of makes I’m thinking the Sew Over It blouse would be perfect! 👌 I’m also going to make a list. Do you buy fabric before you know what you’re going to make with it? I usually don’t but wonder if that’s the way forward…. xxx

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    • carmensews says:

      That’s awesome I LOVE YELLOW! Yes, I isolate but fabric before hand however I change my mind so much that I need up making things that I had no intention on making originally. Lol.
      I can’t wait to see your makes! 😘


  4. Clémence says:

    Wow you just started in January!? That’s crazy! I progress very slowly through my projects, it used to be because I spent too much time working on school, but now I just spend too much time working, and not enough time on my sewing, knitting and blogging projects!
    Seeing how quickly you made the moneta, Im sure you will get through these projects swiftly and beautifully!
    (Also, how many hours do you spend sewing per day?)

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    • carmensews says:

      Thanks beautiful! It depends on what I have going on with my family ( I have a husband and a 10 year old) But I try at least 2 hours per day, even if if have to stop for a bit and return to it later. I’m obsessed with sewing. Lol


  5. Chrestomanci's Tailor says:

    You’ve got some mad skills for only 3 months of sewing! I, too, can become crippled by having too many sewing ideas in my head! I also get anxious about using the fabric I buy instead of letting it accumulate, and I’m a one-at-a-time project person.
    Using a notebook for planning has definitely been a big help. Sometimes I choose to do a certain project simply because I can’t stop thinking about it!

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    • carmensews says:

      Thank you! Yes, I definitely need to get myself a notebook to write all of these ideas swimming around in my head. I start projects too based on the fact that I can’t stop thinking about it. Haha kindred spirits 😊

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  6. lesbidouillesdetipan says:

    That is true, I think you are gifted! And I really like the Agnes top too! When I started to sew, I didn’t know I was going to love it so much. There i so much possibilities with only one pattern! And when I have an idea I can’t get rid of it so I write it in my notebook and other projects have the place to mature. And to share it in a blog is so stimulating. And thank you for following my blog. 🙂

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    • carmensews says:

      Thank you! You are so right about there being so many possibilities! When I first started, I couldn’t see all of the variations and tweaks that you can add or take away from a pattern. When you realize this your mind explodes with all of the possibility! 😀

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