Summer Dresses and Thoughts

Hello everyone I feel like it has been forever since I have updated my blog. Life interrupted and has taken a lot more of my time than I had anticipated. I have to say that I love the online sewing community and it has opened up endless possibilities for me in my huge imagination and sewing inspiration. 

I literally daydream while at work about my next make and now that I have made more than a couple of self-drafted dresses, I feel as though this has opened up an even larger door that makes my head explode with possibilities! Wearing dresses makes me feel amazing and wearing dresses that I have drafted for my body makes me feel empowered.
I love that sewing has allowed me to be so imaginative and so confident even when my latest make is not cooperating or when I have to unpick all of my seams and I want to cry. This blog has also given me a chance to ramble on about these things and not be judged for it. I want to sew all the time and life unfortunately does not allow me to do that but I know that when I am sewing my world is simply a better place.
That being said, I have some exciting news and I am so happy to share it here!  I recently was granted the opportunity to write a guest blog post with Minerva Crafts where I made a colorful and playful summer dress from Simplicity 1059. You can check out the post here and I hope that you all enjoy it.

Here are a couple of pictures from the post. I hope it can inspire you to make a summer frock as well!

I love you all and have a beautiful day!


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