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Rayon Challis and A Ruffle using Simplicity 8124

Hello everyone! 

I recently made a summer dress from Simplicity 8124 and added a ruffle to the neckline!

Let me just start by saying that I have had this pattern in my stash for a good while but decided to finally use it because I received this amazing Rayon Challis from LaFinch Fabrics that I wanted to make a light and comfortable dress out of.

I’ve gotten rather obsessed with light fabrics that breathe easily because it’s hot where I live and I hate feeling like I’m suffocating in my clothes because of heavier fabrics. Wearing fabrics like rayon challis and cotton lawns are heavenly for me. I desperately need to be able to breathe in my clothes. Haha!

While working with this pattern I found out quickly that it runs extremely large and that I would have to to work my way around that.

I cut out a small based on my measurements however, I had to take this dress in quite a bit so that it did not look like a tent on my frame. I accomplished this by trying on the dress inside out and making markings on where I wanted to take it in with chalk. 

I did not have enough fabric to add the sleeves so I decided to improvise and add a ruffle neckline to this dress becase I have recently been inspired by this look on Instagram and I really didn’t have anything like this in my wardrobe. I created a ruffle by simply measuring out how large I wanted it to be. This measurement is all based on preference and how much you want your ruffle to stand out.  I ended up cutting out a rectangle that was about 10 inches by 29 inches.

I finished my armscyes by simply hemming and pressing them. I was too lazy that day to add bias tape to finish off the arms but please do this if you feel the need to.

Overall this was a very quick and easy make and I will most likely use the pattern again but just knowing that I will have to size down the pattern a great deal. I would also like to try and add the sleeves next time when I have a bit more fabric to work with. 

Here is the dress with and without a belt to show the different looks that can be created. 

Please let me know if you have used this pattern and what your thoughts were in the comments. 

Have a beautiful day!